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Create your brand?
Brand launch?
Brand experience alignment?
Target new consumers?
Strengthen market intelligence?


Brand audit?
Digital strategy?
Brand culture & engagement for employees?
Sales development?
Build an Inbound strategy?


Maximize the potential of your brand?
Extend your brand?
Building international licensing program?
Licensee management and optimization?

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Brands are asking us to solve their issues

My consumers are aging and I don’t know how to reach younger ones.
Our brand has new competitors.
My team has difficulties in building a consistent content on different touchpoints.
Our website is outdated and I need help.
We lack presence on social network.
Do we still need a marketing plan?
Can we stretch the brand out of its core business?
I’d like to develop a brand licensing program but how?
I’d like to extend the brand abroad but I want to avoid overexposure.

logo-noir is bringing its expertise
In branding strategy, digital marketing
and business development through licensing


– Strategic analysis, Brand management (Brand platform, Brand content, Portfolio strategy), Licensing
– Analytics, Performance monitoring through Data crunching, Customer insights, Customer experience
– Product and service Innovation contributing to the bottom line (margin management)
– 360 Marketing, Experiential marketing, Trends, Product development, Pricing, CRM, Communication, PR
– Digital marketing, Inbound marketing, Digital communication, E-commerce, Web sales,
– Management: Change management, Talent acquisition, multifunctional team training
– Leadership: Organization strategy, coordination of international network, business negotiation


  • Strategic audit
  • Brand platform
  • Experiential marketing
  • Brand content audit and recommendation
  • Brand licensing in France & abroad
  • Senior consultant 3 days package

Rates upon request


« Passionate about branding and innovation
I love turning the brand understanding into creative ideas to serve business growth »

Beyond the inner quality of the product, the brand is expressing emotions through storytelling and experiences

Brands are shifting from a very pragmatic brand message to a far more idealistic message based on emotions…
… Consumers, more informed and more demanding, focus on meaning choosing brands to build their identities
Through engaging stories that will let them create their own narratives.

… Daily changing technologies have put the brand at the core of the company:
… to create new experiences engaging consumers and co-creating content
… to develop environmental branding
… to build stronger brand relevance for employees to better deliver brand promise to customers and partners
… while opening doors to opportunity.

“Emotion is the engine for change, and happiness is its fuel” Olivier Lockert

logo-rose-22 helps you uncover imaginative ways
to define, value and enhance your brand and to develop your business


Marketing, strategy and licensing expert
20+ years as senior Executive with P&L accountability in 4 industries: leisure, apparel, entertainment and retail.
Passionate about branding and innovation that serve business growth
Collaborative hands-on leader, energetic, results oriented, used to fast paced environments

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